Education Sector Debt Collection

Our debt recovery team can help recover all kinds of debts in the education sector such as unpaid tuition fees, corporate debts and commercial debts. We can support universities, schools, colleges, and small specialist institutions.

We are also partnered with overseas agents to assist with the collection of international student debts. Our experts work with clients at each stage of the debt collection process, and aim to deliver a high rate of recovery.

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Education Sector Debt CollectionHow we recover debt within the education sector

The significant expertise we have across all aspects of the education sector enables our debt recovery team to work closely with other lawyers across the firm, to ensure we give the best possible advice to our clients no matter what the issues may be.

We can work with you on reviewing your internal processes for recovering your debts, while offering cost effective advice on maximising your debt recovery rates as quickly as possible. We deliver cost transparency, commercial sense and clear reporting of the information that matters to you.

We will also work to preserve the reputation of your institution as we recover overdue debts.

To discuss your unique circumstances with us, you can contact one of our partners directly.

Higher Education debt collection

For higher education institutions, our specialists often deal with matters of student loan debt collection and the recovery of tuition fees debts. We have experience in helping many universities with their debt recovery endeavours, including members of the Russell Group.

Our team can also support with the recovery of student accommodation debt, emergency and hardship loans, library fees, commercial and corporate debt, and other sundry debts. We understand that student debtors will have unique circumstances and in many cases we are able to set up long-term instalment arrangements to recover debts, taking into account affordability.

For more challenging matters we can undertake all methods of enforcement including High Court enforcement, Charging Orders and Attachment of Earnings Orders.

School debt collection

Our services are not limited to higher education institutions. We are also partnered with public and private schools, and small specialist institutions. As with higher education debt, we undertake the recovery of all education debts for schools, colleges and specialist institutions.

We understand that the recovery of debts for schools and colleges sometimes requires contacting parents of students. We will always work to preserve the reputation of your institution whilst recovering your debts.

International debt collection

Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable about the processes and challenges that come with recovering international student debts.

As such, we are partnered with international debt collection specialists and overseas agents through our Multilaw network, who can assist with debt recovery if our initial contact with the debtor does not produce results.

In working with our overseas partners, we are able to issue proceedings against overseas debtors. Our specialist team has experience in dealing with and anticipating the challenges that come from recovering debts from different countries and jurisdictions from across the globe.

If you would like to hear about how we can recover your debts from overseas, please contact us today on 03300 945 100.

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We understand the complications involved with recovering debt, particularly in regard to the education sector. It’s important to preserve reputations while recovering what’s owed, which is where our team can help.

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