Corclaim Renews CSA Membership

Corclaim Renews CSA Membership for 2020/2021

We are pleased to announce that our Affiliate Membership of The Credit Services Association (CSA) has been renewed for another year.

Our availability to help businesses recover debts owed is earmarked by the CSA among their supplier directory.

What is the CSA?

The CSA is the Credit Services Association, a body based in the UK that offers membership for companies that are active in the debt collection sphere. The CSA’s primary goal is to make the debt collection and recovery process clear and easy to understand for everyone involved.

Our membership

This membership is incredibly important to us. Being part of the CSA means we can provide legal advice and guidance regarding debt recovery to the businesses and organisations that need it most, in a way that aligns with industry best practice and regulations.

Being part of the CSA also bolsters our local reach as a national debt recovery and asset finance organisation.

Jayne Gardner, Partner and Head of Debt Recovery and Asset Finance for Corclaim, says:

“We are excited to be members of the CSA as it tells our clients and prospective clients that they’re in safe hands, and gives us gravitas within the industry. We echo the values of the CSA in the work that we do and are looking forward to another year of putting this into practice.”

How our debt recovery team can help

Our debt recovery and asset finance team can help clients in a wide range of industries, at different stages of legal processes. These include international debt recovery, asset recovery, litigation, enforcement, and pre-legal collections.

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